David Nyurenberg

David Nyurenberg

David Nyurenberg is the Founder at Valor Digital.

‘There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.’ No quote better encapsulates a year that has brought such a paradigm shift to our world than this one than Vladimir Lenin (who would not have approved of adtech). Equally, 2020 will be viewed as a transformative

Have you ever been provided a full domain list by your media buying vendor inclusive of all metrics relevant to you? This is a question I’ve been asking brand marketers and agency media planners in meetings over the past couple months. The answers I’ve received have varied from “no”, “yes”,

After working at my last ad tech company, the decision was made to go agency side much to the chagrin of my colleagues, all who warned of the pitfalls involved with agency life. Being placed on our agency’s highest value account and on one of the largest lines of business

marketing team strategy planning market meeting

The scene is a common one. 15 people, sitting in a fancy high-tech conference room which experiences standard connection issues over the first 10 minutes of every meeting. We’ve all been there. This conference room belongs to a well-known ad tech company. Suddenly, the meeting attendees erupt in joy and exuberance.