Dan Ross

Dan Ross

Dan Ross is the Managing Director of Optimizely, Australia and New Zealand.

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Despite the imperative of digital transformation, organisations are reluctant to take the necessary digital steps, according to research from Forrester. The research firm surveyed business leaders on their digital change finding many fundamentally misunderstood the strategy and most were dangerously complacent around its biggest risk. In August, fellow analysts from

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The idea that a single suite can deliver an end to end digital experience for all of a company’s customers becomes less attractive the more brands understand the genuine complexity at play. To build genuinely world class, scalable and personalised experiences many companies have already discovered that all-in-one suites and clouds

The digital era has produced a generation of extraordinarily successful businesses which have delivered both global scale, and at a breakneck pace. But what sets them apart from other types of companies, for instance, a traditional retailer or a media business? According to a new report from Optimizely, it is their

Successful innovation is not about getting it right the first time. It’s about getting there first — creating something that is novel and has value. And getting there first repeatedly demands experimentation at scale. Stefan Thomke is professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, and a powerful advocate for

Senior executives with a history of change-management practice behind them understand the importance of the interdependencies between people, process, and technology. Each of these areas needs to be understood in terms of its potential impact upon the others when an organisation embarks upon a transformation program. But there is another