Danielle Uskovic

Danielle Uskovic

Danielle Uskovic an APAC digital marketing leader. She was previously head of digital and social, APAC for Lenovo and starts a new role in Singapore in June.

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It’s been interesting to witness and be a part of the programmatic advertising debate over the last few years. Programmatic ads have had some wins. And they’ve had some losses, and stories of ad fraud, and they’ve lost and regained the trust of certain third parties. Through it all, one

You can’t open a tech website or scroll through a LinkedIn feed these days without reading about blockchain. More than just a buzzword, blockchain has captured our collective imagination as a mode to decentralise and thereby improve a multitude of transactions. The basic premise is that it introduces the possibility

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A few short years ago, Gartner predicted that by 2017, chief marketing officers would be spending more on technology than chief information officers. With the rise of big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), this prediction is proving to hold truer each day. To acknowledge the transformation occurring in marketing, and the need