Craig Roth

Craig Roth

Craig Roth is the Managing Vice President at Gartner

The Wall St. Journal wrote in a March 1, 2019 article that the Need for AI Ethicists Becomes Clearer as Companies Admit Tech’s Flaws. I’m all for ethics being applied to an uncharted technological domain that could have tremendous consequences. But what’s being described sounds more like “AI business risk

Let me begin by saying no business leader or technology provider has ever asked me this question. But I have recently been involved in two surveys related to digital transformation where the workers themselves – not the buyers or IT leaders – were surveyed and have received questions as to

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As the policy leaders of the world gather at the World Economic Forum in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland to ponder world progress (including Gartner’s very own Peter Songergaard), there will be talk of AI and automation interspersed with presentations on the Digital Economy and In Technology We Trust? Google chief exec Sundar Pichai will talk about AI.

Many pundits have been wondering if AI will create new jobs as it also destroys them. Well, for me the rise of AI has already created a new and complex task: interpreting predictions about how AI will impact jobs. Think about all the effort that went into creating all those

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For years the pundits have wondered what will happen when someone is killed in an autonomous vehicle. Whose fault is it? Who is liable? Unfortunately, we may find out as Tesla’s first fatality where “autopilot” was turned on happened on May 7, 2016. I see this through the lens of