Claire Connelly

Claire Connelly

Claire Connelly is a Research Fellow at the Binzagr Institute for Sustainable Prosperity and an award-winning freelance journalist, the lead writer of Renegade Inc, contributor to New Matilda, and is working on her first book examining the key facts of the present political crisis that have been omitted from history, journalism and political debate. Specialising in politics and economics, Connelly is the founder of subscription journalism experiment on Patreon starting at $3 a month. With more than a decade in the industry, Connelly has written for leading publications including The Australian Financial Review, The Saturday Paper, the ABC, SBS, & others. She features regularly on tv shows, web series, radio and podcasts including Redacted Tonight, Real Progressives, ABC’s The Drum, Channel 10’s The Project, SBS’ The Feed, 2SER’s Fourth Estate, Radio National’s Breakfast, Drive, Hack, and Download This Show, and The Week In StartUps.

Having been one of the sectors hardest hit by the chaos of COVID-19, contact centres are now grappling with what the future will look like, and how to adapt operations to ensure they not only avoid similar disruptions but thrive in the face of the next crisis. Call volumes exploded

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Councils impact local communities more than any other tier of government. They are the custodians of hundreds of billions of dollars of infrastructure assets, and they deliver hundreds of real services for every person in the country — whilst managing roads, drainage, community buildings, parks, footpaths, gutters and more. However,

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It is not technology, but culture, that is critical to becoming a future-forward business. So says futurist Chris Riddell, the first ever Chief Digital Officer for Mars Incorporated and global futures advisor to the Australian Federal Police. During Genesys’ Humanity Reinvented: Beyond Tomorrow webinar, Riddell discouraged the audience of business

A report by Forrester Research has studied six Dell Boomi customers across multiple industries (consumer sales and marketing, transport, travel, manufacturing, energy and utilities, construction, media and advertising) to determine the scale and the extent of cost savings from a switch to the cloud. The report, which was commissioned by

Almost all businesses today are digital businesses. Many operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In such an environment, knowing and understanding your customer is more important than ever. Marketing comprises up to 50 per cent of enterprise value, and up to 85 per cent market capitalisation of

Every hour of every day a million little crimes are committed online. And every time it happens, hundreds of legitimate businesses all over the world, with boards and shareholders and mission statements — some of them publicly listed — put the proceeds of those crimes in their own pockets. They

Ad safety company Pixalate has uncovered what it says is a ‘sophisticated’ mobile app fraud potentially costing advertisers up to $75 million a year if allowed to run unchecked. The company says it discovered that Android app MegaCast — which allows users to broadcast content to Google’s Chromecast — was

Ad fraud is at an all-time high and remains one of the most profitable criminal enterprises in the world, generating tens of billions of dollars a year. That’s the view of Dr Augustine Fou, cybersecurity and ad fraud researcher who this morning released a Slideshare presentation on LinkedIn describing the state of

Stephen Porges has been appointed CEO of the Australian Alliance for Data Leadership to provide data leadership, advocacy and governance to Australian businesses. The Australian Alliance for Data Leadership (AADL) is a network of Associations with the common thread of data and customer experience, representing the essential functions of data-driven

BlackBerry wants the world to know that its pivot from a hardware company to an enterprise software and security company is complete. At the BlackBerry Security Media Roundtable this morning, President of Global Sales, Carl Wiese told Which-50 that BlackBerry is a dramatically different company to what it was three