Christopher Ross

Christopher Ross

Christopher Ross is a senior director analyst at Gartner. He works with CMO's on strategy, leadership, organisational design, customer experience (CX) and innovation. His areas of expertise also include the development of brand positioning and architecture, value proposition design and marketing technology strategy.

How do we align strategy and execution? How do we focus our organisation on the right things? The phrasing and context vary but the fundamental question about confirming marketing is supporting key business strategies continues to be a significant source of anxiety for many marketing leaders. Register now for Which-50’s webinar

Consider this set of objectives: Launch a 794-pound object up through the earth’s atmosphere, travel 300 million miles through space (yes, 300 million!) over the course of seven months, hit the thin atmosphere of a small, remote planet at precisely a 12 degree angle, survive entry temperatures of over 2,700

Breaking News: marketing technology (martech) is no longer a discrete and separate “thing.” Martech is a layer in the integrated composite of marketing disciplines every marketing leader and their teams must possess. Martech acumen is table stakes, but establishing those capabilities is far from easy. If you’re struggling with martech,

Sure, six grand seems like a lot of money for a mountain bike, but look at that thing! Standing in the bike shop I’m silently enumerating all the many merits of this carbon fiber miracle and attempting to justify spending more on a bike than many people spend on a

Hype, by definition should make us all a little wary. Gartner Hype Cycles are designed to help sift, sort and qualify hype and manage our attraction to all those bright shiny marketing objects. The ultimate aim is to support decisions on where your valuable attention and marketing resources should be