Chee Keong Law

Chee Keong Law

Chee Keong Law is the Director, Channel and Alliances, APJ at Apigee

With the word “digital” peaking in the hype cycle, organisations realise that “digital” is critical to everything they do. Little wonder, then, that every IT vendor is cloaking their products as “digital”. All of this urgently prompts the question: what exactly is digital, and why is it any different? To

Business leaders increasingly understand the potential of  APIs but still too few understand the need for API management. An yet API management is a necessity in today’s digital economy. APIs expose data for use by apps and the developers that create them. They make enterprise assets reachable by apps, and they’re the tool that enterprises

The API is critical to the success of the newly emerging platform-as-a-business-model – think of AirBnB, Uber and YouTube. These are examples of platform business models made possible by technology. What exactly is a platform? A platform is a business model that connects individuals or businesses to create content, exchange

How is digital technology and the process of digitalisation affecting the partnering landscape? In simple terms the impact is profound. Let’s illustrate the point with a personal example. Recently, a requested upgrade to an airline ticket using points lead only to disappointment. These points were on another airline but both belong