Benjamin Bloom

Benjamin Bloom

Benjamin Bloom is a Senior Director Analyst at the Marketing Technology and Emerging Trends domain at Gartner.

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CMOs often think of martech almost as if they were buying a new car. They expect their technology to perform perfectly as soon as they have it, “fresh off the lot.” Unfortunately, your car (or martech) salesperson isn’t asking you how good of a driver you are before you sign

Earlier this month, Gartner published an updated Market Guide for Customer Data Platforms (subscription required). Marketer interest in CDPs has been steady for the past 18 months. Meanwhile, the landscape of providers has become more crowded with different providers emphasising different capabilities under the same umbrella term.We predict that by 2023,

As we put a bow on 2018 and unwrap a shiny new 2019, we anticipate the continued adoption, maturity, and effectiveness of autonomous marketing, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. By 2023 (Gartner predicts), these techniques and solutions will squash some persistent marketing questions, including:   Did it work? Marketers are