Avivah Litan

Avivah Litan

Avivah Litan is a Vice President and Distinguished Analyst in Gartner.

An overwhelming majority (84 per cent) of finance executives say holding Bitcoin poses a financial risk due to its volatility. A smaller number (five per cent) expect to hold some Bitcoin this year and that number rises to nine per cent when looking ahead to 2024. All up, 16 per

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Data privacy and security is viewed as a primary barrier to AI implementations, according to a recent Gartner survey (see Survey Analysis: Moving AI Projects From Prototype to Production). Yet few organizations face these issues head on. Risk Management is generally an afterthought when it comes to AI projects, much like

China – and other countries in APAC – are way ahead of the U.S. when it comes to Blockchain adoption.  In fact North America lags behind every region except Africa when it comes to blockchain project progress and production. This conclusion, discussed in our June 12 webinar on Blockchain trends Blockchain

Organisational interest in enterprise blockchain is tightly correlated with the rise and fall in bitcoin prices. No surprise, this finding is supported by Gartner’s correlation analysis of social media conversations on enterprise blockchain with the price of bitcoin (See Figure 1). Nominate today for the Which-50 Digital Experience Awards. Simple.

Starwood emailed me a couple days ago telling me my data was part of their 500 million record customer data breach. The remediation actions they offered me were: call their call center, read their email, proactively learn if my data is for sale (without a URL to enrol in that

Understanding the value of the integration of IoT and blockchain is easy to do especially when we think about different asset tracking use cases. For example, shipping pharmaceuticals or various food substances often requires that the individual units are refrigerated and kept at specific temperatures until such time that the

Anyone who gets disillusioned with blockchain should consider spending time researching why blockchain technology: Is still immature, What needs to happen to make it scalable, and Why it can revolutionise business and society The hype over blockchain was not misguided. As with most catalysing technologies, the hype resulted from a

Insiders are being actively recruited by criminals operating on the Dark Web, according to Gartner clients. Disgruntled employees working at companies across many sectors — such as financial services, pharma, retail, tech, and government — are gladly selling their services to the bad guys in order to inflict harm on