Anthony Caruana

Anthony Caruana

Anthony Caruana is a Melbourne-based technology journalist who writes for Australian Macworld, The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, several titles from Next Media, IT Wire and many other publications

With Cloud services offering a massive variety of infrastructure, platform and software options, choosing the best fit for your business is a huge challenge. Once you make that choice, you’re then faced with the task of onboarding that new tool in a way that ensures the security and safety of

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Businesses, large and small, are embracing the Cloud. No matter which research company, vendor or expert you consult, everyone agrees that about four in every five enterprise workloads are either already in the Cloud or will be within the next few months. That means the best-practice security strategy you established

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A successful digital transformation that leverages Cloud technologies is about more than simply slashing the capital IT budget and handing over the operational costs to business units. And it’s about far more than simply changing where your applications run. Moving to the Cloud is an opportunity to transform your business

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It’s not the large that eats the small — it’s the fast that eats the slow. This is true in the animal kingdom and it’s true in business. Over the last two decades, as technology has become an enabler of change and driven the development of new business models, countless