Anna Russell

Anna Russell

Anna Russell is a director at Polynomial, a Sydney based analytics and strategy consultancy. Polynomial works with businesses to drive value from technology investment and develop effective data driven strategies for marketing and customer engagement. Anna is a self-confessed geek with a passion for downhill mountain biking and solving tricky problems.

Why the growing reliance on visualisation? People love pictures. And pictures help us recall information when we need it. The reason is simple enough, the human brain is wired for pattern recognition. But when it comes to interpreting the relationship between data sets, or understanding complex statistical notions, most of us quickly

How do business analysts and data scientists differ? Where does the analyst end and the data scientist begin. With regard to how a business analyst might use visualisation compared to a data scientist, the biggest difference you would see is not technical skill but the thought process. Business analysts are

Data is the clue that binds all the change together. But who owns the data. As digital transformation has shifted power from seller to buyer, marketers find themselves in an endless race not just against their competitors, but also against the expectations of their customers. Customer experience now feeds directly in

Visualization tools are evolving rapidly and moving beyond the realm of the data scientist and high end business analyst. As companies become more wedded to data driven decision making – and gain ever more access to their internal data and third party data sets, the risk that all those information

Big data is a term that was long ago co-opted and occasionally debased by technology and marketing departments. That probably explains why its original intent has been forgotten. The ‘big’ in big data referred not simply to volume but also to the plethora of sources and a major contributor to

Social data analysis seems to offer a gold plated way of ensuring the voice of the customer feeds into product development. However it may not always be such a good idea. A 2012 PWC study of over 1200 CEOs across 60 countries found that two-thirds of business leaders believed that

Amazon is extending its dominance in the  $300 billion American e-commerce over its competitors including top search engines like Google and online retailers, according to a new Survata study commissioned by BloomReach. Of the 2,000 U.S. consumers surveyed, 44 percent bypass the rest of the Web, and go directly to

Whilst Mark Zuckerberg is out touting the power of Facebook to deploy news, ads and videos to the masses, behind the scenes at Facebook a highly credentialed team of scientists are working on innovations far more exciting than trending cat pictures and Buzzfeed quizzes.  Backed by a team of 50

So you think you know all about analytics? Patting yourself on the back about your latest cross-channel attribution modeling and the terabytes of data you’ve successfully corralled into a database? Time for a little perspective — because there’s big data and then there’s BIG data. While brand managers the world

The economics of Internet content pivot around advertising — paying for the right eyeballs and clicks — which imposes an implicit bias on all that is displayed. If regulators are going to go after Google for tailoring search results, should they go after publishers for using audience targeting or tailored