Andrew Birmingham

Andrew Birmingham

Andrew Birmingham is the editor-in-chief and publisher of Which-50. He is the former associate publisher of The Australian Financial Review and remains a contributing editor, and during his career he has reported on the Australian media, technology, finance, life science and related sectors over a period spanning 20 years. His work has been published by The AFR, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, MIS, Computerworld, CIO, ARN, Network World, CRN Australia, and My Business.

The US Department of Justice — along with eleven State Attorneys General — filed a civil antitrust lawsuit in the US District Court for the District of Columbia to stop Google from unlawfully maintaining monopolies through anticompetitive and exclusionary practices in the search and search advertising markets and to remedy

While it might seem that overcoming the stigma of marijuana could be the biggest problem medical marijuana companies like Canngea would face, the truth is more prosaic for an industry that is rapidly gaining traction around the world. Cannabis is used, for instance, to treat cancer patients for symptom relief.

When thinking about content and asset management, businesses often default to discussions about technology and platforms, says Charis Kumpula, Marketing Strategy & Performance Director at AKQA New Zealand. “What really lies at the heart of the challenges that businesses face is the proliferation of technology and platforms.” Kumpula says that

A shift to VMware Cloud on AWS provides strong utility to address a variety of business issues. It allows for easier capacity planning, simpler disaster recovery, and lets you control and contain change, and ultimately improve your security posture, according to Nathan Wheat, Head of VMware Cloud on AWS (ANZ)

Even just a few years ago, privacy and consent were considered regulatory and compliance issues. But that is changing rapidly, as trust returns to the centre of brand conversations. That is especially so as consumers begin to understand the extent to which their own data is used to target them.

QBE Insurance Australia is set to launch a new insurance market entrant, Mitti, in a joint venture with workplace safety platform SafetyCulture, saying the new venture demonstrates its intent to become a more digitally-enabled business. The JV is designed to provide tailored solutions for SME customers to better manage current and

Which-50’s Digital Intelligence Unit was commissioned by Genesys to create a whitepaper and a series of short videos about How Conversational AI Improves Customer Service. In this preview, Dave Flanagan Genesys strategic director, digital and conversational AI discusses the importance of empathy in customer experience. Download the whitepaper today!

Australian HR software business Elmo has acquired Breathe, a leading UK-based HR platform for small business with over 6700 customers. According to an investor presentation, the deal increases the total addressable market for Elmo by over $2 billion to $11.4 billion across Australia, the UK and NZ by allowing Elmo

Kristine Dery from MIT and Bridget Gray from Korn Ferry discuss why companies are best placed to build digital capabilities from within and describe the concept of the liquid workforce. For more information read our recent Cover Story: Transformational Success Starts With Your Own Staff, Not X-Factor Outsiders

Listed Australian marketing technology provider Mobecom has abandoned the crypto markets, and instead has rebuilt its loyalty platform on a contemporary microservices architecture. It has also replenished its board and is currently raising capital. Its near-term goal is to have the suspension placed on it last year by the ASX