Andrew Birmingham

Andrew Birmingham

Andrew Birmingham is the editor-in-chief and publisher of Which-50. He is the former associate publisher of The Australian Financial Review and remains a contributing editor, and during his career he has reported on the Australian media, technology, finance, life science and related sectors over a period spanning 20 years. His work has been published by The AFR, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, MIS, Computerworld, CIO, ARN, Network World, CRN Australia, and My Business.

Fresh off a five million dollar capital raising, strong quarterly cash flow and a rebrand, ASX-listed Hubify (HBF) — formerly known as United Networks Limited — is set to execute on a pipeline of acquisitions, according to CEO  Victor Tsaccounis.  He made the comments during an interview on Boardroom Media

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The acceleration of change, fueled by emerging technology, is one of the biggest competitive challenges businesses face today. Entire sectors and industries are being continuously disrupted and transformed. Companies are expected to respond to new market conditions and the emergence of new competitors faster than ever before, and the pace,

Sustainability and corporate resilience have become even more critical throughout 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19 and the huge economic reversal it has ushered in. This has accelerated a shift in sustainable business thinking that was well underway already. On 30 November entries will close for the Banksia Awards,

As the COVID shutdown wreaked havoc upon business, and in particular contact centres, companies found themselves confronting three distinct phases: respond, recover, and ideally thrive. That’s the subject of an ebook published by Deloitte entitled The Contact Centre Of 2030 Can’t Wait, It’s Now… According to the authors of the

The pandemic-induced disruption of business around the world has led to a massive acceleration in digital transformation. According to consultants McKinsey and Company, the level of transformation since the start of the year equates to a decade worth of change in just six months. That dramatic acceleration is across the

The distributed ownership of content inside an organisation can present problems for marketers. It is just as important for brands to address this issue as it is to find the best technological solution to break down the issues. According to Andrew Lomas, director and co-founder at Creative Folks “By nature

You can learn two things about a company that takes the privacy of its customers seriously, and gives them the opportunity to consent to how their data is used, says Aarron Spinley, Growth and Innovation Evangelist, SAP. “Some would say that it speaks to the company holding honorable values, and

As the COVID shutdown hit business earlier this year, it forced the rapid mass migration of contact centre agents into work-from-home arrangements. The scale of the challenge was amplified by the speed at which the shutdown happened — and the fact that at that the very same time, call volumes

Immersive media company Imagine Room has signed an exclusive agreement with Microsoft to build and operate Australia’s first Mixed Reality Capture Studio to drive the next generation of content production. The state-of-the-art studio uses 106 cameras to create holographic and 3D-video performance assets and create immersive and interactive experiences for

Google’s relationship with Apple — specifically the deal which sees Google search bundled into Apple’s Safari browser — is at the heart of the decision by the DOJ today to launch an antitrust case against the search giant. But it’s also about more than just the bundling deal. As Constellation