Andrew Birmingham

Andrew Birmingham

Andrew Birmingham is the editor-in-chief and publisher of Which-50. He is the former associate publisher of The Australian Financial Review and remains a contributing editor, and during his career he has reported on the Australian media, technology, finance, life science and related sectors over a period spanning 20 years. His work has been published by The AFR, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, MIS, Computerworld, CIO, ARN, Network World, CRN Australia, and My Business.

Esports is aggregating an almost inconceivably large global audience of cashed up and highly engaged digital natives and millennials, yet it remains a mystery to most business leaders.  But given the huge potential, it is little wonder that established sporting codes see a lucrative greenfield opportunity and are opening their

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Some leading Australian retailers demonstrate strong capabilities in email marketing, but few do so across the board, and stand out performers remain the exception and not the rule. In fact most retailers are still leaving too much money on the table by failing to execute the basics well. That’s our

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Marketers are under pressure to demonstrate ROI from their technology spend. And now it is clear from a Which-50 investigation that pressure is being passed along to marketing technology (martech) vendors, to actively investigate changes to the way they charge for their software. In the words of Gartner analyst Noah

For decades, developers and project managers took comfort in the waterfall method of application development. Resource allocation seemed intuitive, management had an easily recognisable progress path, and eventually, customers were delivered new products and services significantly better than they previously used. Download: Getting started with product experimentation Attend: Modernize 2018 But there

Looks like our guess about the payment gateway was correct. BP has confirmed to Which-50 that the problem in its payment app called BPme that resulted in ADMA Managing Director Ben Sharp getting a please explain letter from the police was caused by a delay in transaction processing. Sharp received

Customer intelligence plays a critical role these days both in guiding the brand and customer experience. As marketers have become more sophisticated in their use of marketing technology and in their interpretation of data, brands that fail to target customers with personalised, relevant and engaging content are now left exposed.

When your app, processes, and use of data are designed in a way that sends the police after your customers — even when they use your service legitimately — you have a problem. When that customer is the Managing Director of the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA), a leading

With an ever-growing demand from consumers for personalised engagement, it is becoming increasingly important that marketers and customer experience professionals appreciate the importance of identity management as a piece of bedrock infrastructure. Knowing who your customers are is an essential part of ensuring they are provided with highly personalised and appropriate messaging

Retargeting company Criteo has removed its CEO Eric Eichmann, who will also leave the board of the business immediately according to a statement from the company. He will be replaced by returning founder (and current Chairman) JB Rudelle. The statement says Eichmann will continue to act as an advisor to the

Addressable television is a trend generating excitement in the broadcast industry. Indeed it has been a matter of some discussion at recent events like the programmatic summit in Sydney at the start of March, and the Future of TV Advertising Forum in February. Globally, addressable TV remains in a nascent