Andrew Birmingham

Andrew Birmingham

Andrew Birmingham is the editor-in-chief and publisher of Which-50. He is the former associate publisher of The Australian Financial Review and remains a contributing editor, and during his career he has reported on the Australian media, technology, finance, life science and related sectors over a period spanning 20 years. His work has been published by The AFR, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, MIS, Computerworld, CIO, ARN, Network World, CRN Australia, and My Business.

Canva has confirmed a valuation of US$2.5 billion, achieved after closing a US$70 million fund raising round. Rumours of the raising began appearing a few days ago. Two new VCs, General Catalyst and Bond, join existing investors Felicis Ventures and Blackbird Capital. Barely seven years old, the online design company

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Demand for organisations to refresh their enterprise systems has built to bursting point. And it’s going to create a wave of new enterprise software investment in the next one-to-two years, according to the recently released IBRS State of Enterprise Software Report 2019. “Organisations have withheld investment in ageing enterprise solutions because they’ve

The vast global ad tech ecosystem which transacts 10’s of millions of dollars worth of advertising every day relies on a simple premise – the free flow of data about consumers between members of the ecosystem. And that simple, basic premise is now under assault. All the tension from regulators,

In the last 12 months, private investors flooded the robotic process automation (RPA) sector with cash, even as equity markets were marking incumbents down. That new money might be evidence enough of the emergence of a robust, incontestable business idea: that code is faster, more accurate, and much cheaper than

Global success these days is more spectacular, but that success comes at a steep price for everyone else, according to new research from the McKinsey and Company’s McKinsey Global Institute. Profits are becoming much more concentrated among the few and the trend has grown worse in the last two decades.

The ongoing automation of repeatable process-based jobs, along with the augmentation of the world of knowledge workers by machine learning and AI will give rise to a new class of super-jobs. That’s a key finding in the newly released 2019 Global Human Capital Trends report from Deloitte which argues that

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Marketers need to get their companies moving at the “speed of trust”. When they achieve that, the business grows faster because fewer things get in the way. That was a key message Derek Laney, Salesforce’s head of APAC Product Marketing, delivered to senior marketing executives at Which-50’s recent Personalisation in

The graveyard of business past is haunted by the ghosts of companies that were eaten alive by digital competitors. That’s a key message delivered to delegates to Blue Prism World by Blue Prism CEO Alastair Bathgate. The event, in London’s Dockland, is billed as the world’s largest Robot Process Automation

Computing is more distributed than ever before. There is a lot more of it, for a lot less cost and, importantly, it is now being applied at the experience layer, providing businesses with the opportunity to work very differently with consumers and clients. This was one of the key points

Companies need to focus maniacally on the customer experience and they need to appreciate how difficult business transformation can be. This was one of the key messages out of Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen’s keynote speech at the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas today. Sign up to Which-50’s Digital Marketing Newsletter