Andrew Frank

Andrew Frank

Andrew Frank is a Vice President Distinguished Analyst at Gartner

If you’ve been following the details of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), you probably know that the California State Legislature amended the definition of “personal data” to add the word “reasonably” in front of the word “capable” in the phrase “information that identifies, relates to, describes, [and] is capable

There was a time when “location-based marketing” meant out-of-home media placements – signs, billboards, in-store displays, and so forth. Naturally, when GPS chips found their way into mobile phones and from there into everyone’s pockets and pocketbooks, “location-based” came to mean targeting specific users based on their location, as broadcast

Three arrows on an archery target

The pace of events unfolding in the volatile world of data-driven marketing and privacy has outstripped the market’s ability to process them. Last month’s Adobe Summit in Las Vegas, a monumental event many months in the making, exposed some of the tensions facing marketers and technology providers as they struggle to

Gartner’s 2017 Hype Cycle for Marketing and Advertising is out (subscription required) and, predictably, AI for Marketing has appeared as a new dot making a rapid ascent toward the Peak of Inflated Expectations. I say “rapid” but some may be surprised to see us projecting that it will take more

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In May, 2014, an algorithm named Vital was appointed to the Board of Directors of a Hong Kong corporation called Deep Knowledge Ventures. Since then the company, which invests in biotechnology ventures, has credited Vital with saving it from bankruptcy. As AIs gain new abilities to combine the analysis of


You’ve probably heard that 2017 is the year marketers are expected to overtake IT in technology spending. Gartner predicted this in back in 2012 (archived here), and although the prediction reads “by 2017” rather than “in 2017,” I think we can agree that was a pretty good call. Take our

It was an Emperor’s New Clothes marketing technology moment in classroom. “If marketers are spending unprecedented shares of their budgets on all this advanced technology,” the student was asking, “then why do so many of the messages and ads I get still seem so…irrelevant?” The guest speaker, a CMO from

Who would have thought the world could go nuts about a global distributed ledger protocol called blockchain? Sure, by eliminating the evils of sovereign fiat currency and exploitative transaction fees, we might create a secure and efficient unified global economy that levels the playing field and greases the wheels of

Machine learning is ablaze just now, and marketers are noticing that many of the companies and applications at the leading edge are aimed squarely at the heart of their trade. Google’s DeepMind may be grabbing headlines for winning at Go, but it’s in areas like market research, personalisation and recommendations