Andrea Dixon

Andrea Dixon

Andrea Dixon is the marketing manager, Japan and Asia Pacific for Oracle Marketing Cloud

Typically prospects don’t queue up waiting for the opportunity to hand you their cash. Instead marketers have to use all the tools at their disposal to nurture a sales lead towards a sale. And the odds are stacked against the win from the very start. Research by SiriusDecisions reveals that

Personalising marketing based on customer data such as channel preference and purchase history fundamentally drives higher email engagement, according to a marketing guide just released by Oracle Marketing Cloud. Called Email Deliverability [LINK]– a guide for modern marketers, the white paper dives deeply into email marketing best practice. According to

It is rare that the anticipated outcome of a new technology matches with the reality and yet the improvements delivered by data management platforms (DMP) to both buyers and sellers alike likely explain the rapid acceptance and adoption of these solutions. That is certainly the clear message from a new

  Since 1995 the world’s internet population has grown from 35 million users to 2.8 billion but even that stunning increase is dwarfed by growth in the world’s mobile phone fleet. Twenty years ago there were only 80 million mobile phones in the world –  today there are 5.2 billion. With

  As smart and cell phones have become ubiquitous in recent years, mobile SMS marketing has developed as an important new channel. And with just cause. Compared to email marketing, SMS has a staggeringly high open rates as the chart below attests. While a good email campaign can deliver open

  Whether your team is big or small, dispersed or actively working out of one location, everyone can benefit from this one tip: Get to know your content comrades. This is one of the tips for content marketers explored in detail in Modern Marketing Essentials: Content Marketing,  which was released

  Content marketing is the most direct way to relay your value proposition to your audiences, as content supports engagement with your brand. It does this by employing a storytelling-based approach that people can relate to as a brand narrative. The goal is to leverage the engagement to breed loyalty

  Content marketing supports awareness and demand generation by establishing digital, value-based relationships that give marketers a way to excite and empower existing customers. It also enhances sales enablement by offering information to those who need it. Whether you’re using an advanced metrics tool or basic analytics, there are fundamental

  Despite all the advantages digital technologies have brought to modern marketers, for too many companies, the customer experience remains broken with many customers still subjected to a fragmented or non-integrated experience across all channels. This is an issue explored in detail in a Modern Marketing Essentials Guide on Cross

  How do you harness the power of big data?  First up, invite everyone to the party: First-party, or information you’ve collected from our own assets; second-party, or partner shared information; and third-party, gleaned from external providers. These data sets paired with enterprise data from transactional information from sales, CRM,