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Here’s a harsh truth for incumbents. You probably can’t match it with the new generation of insurgents coming after your business. You have too many managers and not enough makers, and your systems will drag you down says Andy Lark, CMO of Xero. According to Lark, your capabilities-debt and your

If it is not measurable then it’s not real. That’s the rallying cry from data driven marketers who have grown accustomed to a world of endless transparency. And it’s this view that reinforces the importance of the role of web analytics providers, whether they are measuring the desktop or increasingly

The rise of the brand media house The digital advertising industry is in the midst of significant transformation and it being driven by brands increasingly focusing on content and data. In recent times we have seen the rise of in-house publishing house with big brands poaching top-talent journalists in droves

Digital Transformation Chatter report: Malcolm’s in the middle of it It is rare for one topic to dominate our weekly digital transformation Chatter Report, especially for the issue to be sourced locally. But so it proved with the Federal Government’s announcement about its Digital Transformation Office (DTO) getting the social

If you are embarking upon a truly transformative digital project, you might need to ditch the idea of a formal business case altogether. Meanwhile, tactical investments in emerging technology might be better considered as venture capital investments than traditional OpEx or CapEx projects. But tell your CFO to relax —

Zuckerberg turns his gaze upon the Telco sector Softly, softly catch a monkey. Mark Zuckerberg is turning the screws slowly on the global telecommunications sector using the messaging app that he spectacularly paid $US19 billion for a little over a year ago. Whatsapp has already ripped a billion dollars in

Michael Knight meets Dick Tracey this week as driverless cars and internet watches dominate the online chit chat around the latest digital research.  McKinsey &Co released their latest views on self driving cars, saying the benefits will be dramatic, while Forrester dug deep into digital watches. For their part, Gartner

Banks are under intense pressure to develop effective strategies for managing digital disruption, but those figuring out how best to prioritise their investments as purse strings pull tighter are getting vastly better results. That’s according to a report from McKinsey entitled “How winning banks refocus their IT budgets for digital”,

The identity of the corporate strategist has been evolving since the 80s, yet a new paper by McKinsey has highlighted the need for a more holistic consideration of their role if organisations are to tackle the challenges of doing business today. Called “Rethinking the role of the strategist” the report

Digital marketing platform Jericho Digital Communications has boosted its executive team with two new appointments. John Holley is the new regional operations director while Lindy Shuttleworth has been appointed digital marketing strategist. ‘We’re very pleased to welcome John and Lindy as part of the expanding team to support our regional growth,’ said group CEO,