Australian workers say they will need more technology training in the near future and they should not bear the cost, according to research from YouGov Galaxy commissioned by Salesforce.

According to the research, 62 per cent of workers believe they will require technology training within the next two years in order to keep their current role.

88 per cent of Australian workers said they should have equal access to technology training for jobs of the future, without cost. Workers expect employers (45 per cent) and government (40 per cent) to fund this technology training, according to the research.

The research is based on an YouGov Galaxy online poll of over 1000 Australian adults who are working full time. It found the vast majority of respondents (95 per cent) believe Australian employers, universities, training providers and technology companies need to collaborate more closely to prepare workers for jobs of the future.

The biggest impediments to technology training are cost (69 per cent), a lack of time to attend training (51 per cent) and uncertainty over what training is required (38 per cent), according to the research.

Respondents said employers and governments trailed schools and tertiary education in terms of technology training quality. Most workers (69 per cent) said they would prefer flexible online courses with hands on practical assessments.

Salesfore commissioned the research and said, “Business, educators and government together can create world-class educational and apprenticeship programs to invest in the future of our workforce.

“Government, business, educators and unions all have a responsibility to ensure that Australian workers are ready for this change, and the YouGov Galaxy research shows that workers agree.”

An unrelated Adobe study found APAC organisations were twice as likely as North American ones to invest significantly in digital up skilling. According to the report’s authors this may be a case of APAC organisations attempting to catching up to North American digital leaders.

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