Australian marketers are the region’s leading proponents of programmatic advertising, according to a study by Forrester Research commissioned by MediaMath.

Almost half of those surveyed down under (48 per cent of Australian marketers, compared to 46 per cent of Japanese and Singaporean) have already deployed the technology.

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More than 80 per cent of the region’s marketers who are using programmatic say they are either satisfied or highly satisfied with their investment, indicating that marketers are benefiting and getting returns from their work. And almost all say they plan to continue investing in the technology in the next 24 months.

While several markets in the APAC region have been seen as laggards in terms of marketing technology adoption, it remains a high growth region, with a large number of businesses yet to adopt or integrate programmatic advertising into their marketing mix,” according to a statement from Mediamath.

Marketers in Australia, Japan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore were surveyed and respondents were all from mostly business-to-consumer (B2C) companies with annual revenues in excess of $US25 million.

Having invested in the APAC region over the past four years, we have seen exponential growth in the adoption of programmatic and this study is testament that APAC marketers are increasingly turning to programmatic buying to support their overall digital marketing strategy,” said Rahul Vasudev, managing director, Asia Pacific, MediaMath.

It is encouraging to learn that marketers are increasingly understanding the larger business benefits of using programmatic marketing as an underpinning technology layer to achieve their marketing goals. There are healthy signs that programmatic adoption in APAC will only continue to grow and that the noticeable gap in maturity of the various markets is shrinking very fast.

Even among those who have not yet jumped onto the bandwagon close to a majority say they are actively considering it.

On the country level, the survey also showed that more than half of marketers in the less mature countries, such as India (52 per cent), Malaysia (58 per cent), and Indonesia (56 per cent), are either planning to adopt or are currently evaluating whether to adopt programmatic buying. This is a promising indicator of the extent of programmatic awareness across the region.

Better contextual targeting, faster and more efficient execution and real-time optimisation were identified by participants as the most important benefits in considering programmatic in their practice.

But barriers remain

Marketers cited a lack of time to understand and implement programmatic, lack of skills, the complexity of the technical implementation and not having an agency partner that can help them use programmatic as the major problems.

Marketers have very valid concerns when it comes to programmatic adoption,” said Vasudev.

Marketers need to leverage capable and skilled agency and technology partners who can help set them on a path to excellence in programmatic. A partner with the requisite skills is essential to chart the road map for clients looking to leverage this very valuable ecosystem.

A large obstacle is internal education, so it is imperative that marketers invest in formal programmatic education for themselves to enable themselves to reap the benefits that successful programmatic practices deliver.

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