The application of AI and deep learning can improve the results of IVF treatment by up to 50 per cent, according to Life Whisper, an Adelaide-based startup which provides an image diagnostics platform to assist doctors identify viable embryos. “It’s a huge accuracy uplift in picking the best embryos,” says

The city of Las Vegas is exploring ways to charge autonomous vehicles for pulling up alongside a curb to make deliveries. Michael Sherwood, director of innovation and technology for the City of Las Vegas, said his team is testing out camera technology and has a “mini-RFP out” to explore how

Brian Householder, CEO of Hitachi Vantara

People are the most critical asset a company has. The second, according to Hitachi Vantara CEO Brian Householder, is your data. Speaking at his company’s annual user conference in San Diego today, Householder argued data is the most underutilised asset inside a company. Gartner analyst Doug Laney has argued a

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“Data science is a fusion of artificial intelligence and business knowledge.” That’s the view of Hosein Alizadeh, data science team leader at Wesfarmers, who argues successful analytics programs require business people and data scientists to work collaboratively in order to realise the value data can bring to their business. “The

Modern BI has made self-service analysis possible and organisations have realised incredible benefits democratising data and crowdsourcing new insights. Yet somehow the idea of self-service governance still seems inconceivable. Governance is necessary in modern analytics because data and dashboards are more widely shared, but should enable data and content access

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With a history that traces back to World War Two, analytics isn’t a new discipline for government agencies. What has changed, however, is the access to data and computing power to process it rapidly. Those forces are driving the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning across departments dealing in

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The 2018 State of the CIO report from IDG found that while strategic goals for CIOs have increased across the board, functional duties have all but vanished. This leaves today’s leaders to perform challenging balancing acts in order to accomplish work that’s both transformational and operational. Though the end game to transform,

I was once asked by a CIO to help him present to his board, on why they wanted to become data-driven. After five minutes of my planned 10 minute presentation (that lasted about 30 mins) a board member and I concluded that based on what we had heard outside that

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Media intelligence firm Meltwater is opening up its AI platform,, to give developers and data scientists the tools to: Connect and organise internal and external data by a knowledge graph Access pre-trained, configurable AI models Create real-time insights to make forward-looking, data-driven decisions is an open data science

There is enormous hype these days about the promise of all things artificial intelligence (AI). As a marketer, a technologist, or both, you are no doubt under pressure to somehow tap into this new, magical capability and improve every aspect of the business. While AI and machine learning (ML) aren’t