We are firmly in the trough of disillusionment over data science. I’m seeing a trend in my clients — from startups to Fortune 100 — that’s driving that disillusionment. The results of data science are often failing to meet expectations. The fall of TESCO and the pending sale of its

Last month Ben Grubb – a Fairfax telco and tech journalist – won a court case against Telstra to obtain access to his metadata. The decision was two years in the making highlighting how important the issue of metadata privacy is. It is safe to say this is not going

Hadoop industry leader and big data specialist Hortonworks is explanding its Australian presence as local corporates upgrade their investment in data science and data decision making. Hadoop, for the uninitiated,  is an open source platform for big data, that companies like Hortonworks wrap their services around. The company has established

Australia’s retail, manufacturing and government sectors have already made the shift to data-driven decision making — but by 2019 a clear majority of Australian businesses will have joined them, according to research by Telsyte. The company says its research suggests big data is fast becoming the ultimate way to empower

Marketing technology firms tapped the investment venture and other start up funding markets for over a billion dollars in the first quarter of 2015, with analytics the biggest draw card. The figure is a big increase on the $US718 million the VCs stumped up in the previous quarter. An analysis

The holy grail of social media marketing is to be able to channel content to influencers which resonates with them to the extent that they amplify such content into their networks — thus generating “earned media” at scale. The skill in maximising the return on investment for such content marketing lies

Boards and CEOs of leading companies are scrambling to to get ‘data’ on their strategic agenda and to enhance their data and analytics capabilities so they can grow, innovate compete. They’ve identified, data and analytics done right can create deep customer intimacy, an efficient supply chain, automation of operations, new

The Melbourne Business School (MBS) and SAS Australia have announced a three year collaboration to provide Masters of Business Analytics students with the advanced business skills and business analytics software. And they have received support from companies with the most to gain from plugging the local data gap. Companies supporting

Customer Experience

Getting into the mind of the consumer is widely seen as an imperative for high performance brand marketing. But, says a ground breaking study from Imperial College London, by trying to empathise with consumers, marketers may in fact be doing themselves more harm than good. Being able to ‘think like

Big Four consulting company KPMG (via its specialist data and analytics investment fund for KPMG member firms around the globe) has taken a substantial equity stake in Bottlenose, a Los Angeles-based real-time trend intelligence company. The investment follows KPMG Australia’s acquisition of leading social media risk consulting firm, SR7, earlier