Is the pressure on business to start taking a more analytics based approach to decision making causing too many companies to jump the gun and hire data scientists before they are ready to use their skills? I had yet another call today with a brilliant data scientist working inside of

Technology now allows massive weather data streams to  be ‘mashed up’ with other data inputs such as sales data or social media data, and analysed, which in turn helps businesses to understand and predict, at a local level, the precise impact of weather on consumer demand. For retailers and FMCG

IAB Australia has appointed Lisa Walsh as Director of Research. She replaces Gai Le Roy who left earlier this year. Walsh will drive IAB’s programs to stimulate online and mobile display and search investment. That will involve standardising and simplifying online audience and media measurement, as well as developing and

There’s a lot of buzz right now about certain employers asking job candidates for access to their Facebook or other social media logins. I get it. Bad hiring decisions are expensive. Employers want every advantage to make sure they hire the best person for the role. They’ve been burned, and

We are firmly in the trough of disillusionment over data science. I’m seeing a trend in my clients — from startups to Fortune 100 — that’s driving that disillusionment. The results of data science are often failing to meet expectations. The fall of TESCO and the pending sale of its

Last month Ben Grubb – a Fairfax telco and tech journalist – won a court case against Telstra to obtain access to his metadata. The decision was two years in the making highlighting how important the issue of metadata privacy is. It is safe to say this is not going

Hadoop industry leader and big data specialist Hortonworks is explanding its Australian presence as local corporates upgrade their investment in data science and data decision making. Hadoop, for the uninitiated,  is an open source platform for big data, that companies like Hortonworks wrap their services around. The company has established

Australia’s retail, manufacturing and government sectors have already made the shift to data-driven decision making — but by 2019 a clear majority of Australian businesses will have joined them, according to research by Telsyte. The company says its research suggests big data is fast becoming the ultimate way to empower

Marketing technology firms tapped the investment venture and other start up funding markets for over a billion dollars in the first quarter of 2015, with analytics the biggest draw card. The figure is a big increase on the $US718 million the VCs stumped up in the previous quarter. An analysis

The holy grail of social media marketing is to be able to channel content to influencers which resonates with them to the extent that they amplify such content into their networks — thus generating “earned media” at scale. The skill in maximising the return on investment for such content marketing lies