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Australian marketers might like to keep a sharp eye on mobile advertising trends in the US right now. This year it is estimated the mobile ad spending will constitute a majority of the digital ad spend after a strong, nearly 60 percent growth over the last 12 months. With Australia

Eyeota and Ipsos have partnered up to launch emma and geoTribes audience data segments, which will bring traditional offline consumer datasets online for audience targeting in Australia. Combining Ipsos’s geo-demographic datasets with Eyeota’s data digitalisation capability, media buyers will be able to purchase digital audiences the same way as they

Companies are still struggling to apply data in support of broader business objectives, even while recognising its primacy as a competitive advantage. That’s the headline from a report by the Winterberry Group, IAB and Oracle Marketing Cloud. Called “Data as a competitive advantage“, the report notes that Big Data has

Brands can have too much data on customers meaning the marketing message goes beyond personalised and moves in the realms of downright creepy. And when that happens, they’ll fast reach for the adblockers. This is the view of Teradata’s lobal industry evangelist John Timmerman who was speaking at yesterday’s ONE Marketing Connect

Big data is a term that was long ago co-opted and occasionally debased by technology and marketing departments. That probably explains why its original intent has been forgotten. The ‘big’ in big data referred not simply to volume but also to the plethora of sources and a major contributor to

Social data analysis seems to offer a gold plated way of ensuring the voice of the customer feeds into product development. However it may not always be such a good idea. A 2012 PWC study of over 1200 CEOs across 60 countries found that two-thirds of business leaders believed that

What happens when 30 billion things connect with business and three billion people with smartphones? All those things and all those people generate vast amounts of rich data. What companies do with that data – how they turn it into proprietary algorithms – will determine how well they maximize the

Companies remain hamstrung by a limited view of social that focuses too much on social media marketing. Instead they need a more holistic view of what social means for the whole business. Social data is usually big data involving masses of data collected from social media. However it’s not big

Our predictive workforce assignments yield staggering results; saving / making businesses millions of real, measurable dollars.  Often this yield is in a single project. Business ROI with these predictive projects is so significant, I wanted to share some of our findings as they may challenge some concepts we hold so

Whilst Mark Zuckerberg is out touting the power of Facebook to deploy news, ads and videos to the masses, behind the scenes at Facebook a highly credentialed team of scientists are working on innovations far more exciting than trending cat pictures and Buzzfeed quizzes.  Backed by a team of 50