Data has become the lifeblood of the digital age, flowing into every corner of our lives and forcing authorities to review concepts like privacy and confidentiality. Senior sub-editor from creative agency Edge, Helen Eva, looks at both sides of the data coin. Data is the Big Brother who is watching and recording

Whether we realise it or not, big data has a significant presence in all our lives. It’s time for Australia to catch up and take full advantage of the opportunities it presents. The growth of big data strategies in the private sector has been unprecedented in recent times; and I

Analytics can help marketers serve the needs of three distinct groups of stakeholders: internal team members, customers, and prospects (or members and future members in the language of credit unions). That’s the view of Lynne Jarman Johnson, CMO of one of the top credit unions in the US state of

So you think you know all about analytics? Patting yourself on the back about your latest cross-channel attribution modeling and the terabytes of data you’ve successfully corralled into a database? Time for a little perspective — because there’s big data and then there’s BIG data. While brand managers the world

News Corp Australia last week announced a slew of major initiatives as its extends its digital reach and brings the power of its data to bear on its advertising offerings. Speaking in front of an audience of 700 advertising and media agency executives at its ‘Come Together’ event at Sydney’s

For an FMCG brand like Kelloggs, one of the biggest challenges is distinguishing between claimed behavior and actual behavior.  While those two things are often hard to reconcile, Kelloggs’ CMO John Broome says the payoff is the marketers Holy Grail. According to Broome, who will be speaking at the ADMA

Want your data science star to shine? Look for businesses where data is plentiful but the industry is full of people who went there to avoid quantitative subjects says Kevin Ross, Chief Scientist of Optimisation and Modelling, Fonterra NZ. He told Which-50, marketing was a perfect example of such a

Most marketers instinctively understand the capacity for data to provide insights into customer behaviour and to help gently nudge the buyer toward the right (or at least preferred) outcome. For many omnichannel retailers though the lag between purchase and delivery remains a blot on the customer experience. How much easier

While the digital world may have ratcheted-up customers’ expectations to an unsustainable level, customers still live in the physical world the Daze of Disruption roundtable of industry heavyweights has heard. Brought together by Oracle Marketing Cloud in Sydney recently as part of Daze of Disruption, marketers from some of Australia’s

In one sense the skills needed for good data analysis are obvious, says Claudia Perlich, Chief Scientist, Dstillery and a six year veteran of the T.J. Watson IBM research lab. A demanding knowledge of statistics, advanced modeling techniques, coding  and experience with data. But she tells Which-50,  a great analyst needs