VR was officially born this week, but an older sibling quietly stole its milk and cookies. Virtual Reality has enjoyed a bunch of birthdays this year. Google and Samsung both announced cheap headsets. Sony released an expensive one for the Playstation 4. Even the venerable old kid’s toy ViewMaster released

A new McKinsey and Company paper dives deep into the forces underlying the destructive and creative energies unleashed by digitization. Authors Angus Dawson, Martin Hirt and Jay Scanlan reveal existential threats to businesses large and small, but also rich opportunities for forward-leaning companies to disrupt the disrupters. The economic essentials of digital

Google’s little robot cars have had a few bingles. Apple won’t even admit that the hundreds of automotive engineers it’s hired on the open market, or poached from Tesla, are at work on an iCar. But from Detroit to Shanghai, Silicon Valley is already either driving or disrupting the car industry.

Google has slapped down its enterprise analytics rivals, saying current offerings are “… too hard to use, lack sufficient collaboration capabilities, are poorly integrated, and require hard-to-find expertise,” at the same time that it is aggressively upgrading its own enterprise analytics offering with a major expansion of bundled services wrapped

Adobe, Coles and Flamingo have joined the board of The Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA), replacing David Bowie of SAS, Andy Pontin of BDDO Clemenger Sydney and Damian Eales of News Corp. Specifically, the new appointments are Paul Robson of Adobe, Roger Sniezek ofColes, and Dr. Catriona Wallace

There are a lot of things to admire about Google. It’s a groundbreaking company and consistently leads in so many areas, not least of which is Human Resources. For many of us in the industry, it is fascinating to track how Google applies analytics and predictive analytics to solve workforce challenges. Living

Why the growing reliance on visualisation? People love pictures. And pictures help us recall information when we need it. The reason is simple enough, the human brain is wired for pattern recognition. But when it comes to interpreting the relationship between data sets, or understanding complex statistical notions, most of us quickly

How do business analysts and data scientists differ? Where does the analyst end and the data scientist begin. With regard to how a business analyst might use visualisation compared to a data scientist, the biggest difference you would see is not technical skill but the thought process. Business analysts are

Data is the clue that binds all the change together. But who owns the data. As digital transformation has shifted power from seller to buyer, marketers find themselves in an endless race not just against their competitors, but also against the expectations of their customers. Customer experience now feeds directly in

Different social media monitoring platforms have different strengths and weaknesses. Having clear objectives and a clear development roadmap provides the basis for the most cost-effective investment in a platform which will support the desired level of maturity of use. While the application of advanced data science capabilities is not widespread in