Still baffled by Donald Trump’s election victory? Well, Trump’s data team leader, Matt Oczkowski, is coming to Australia in April to share his insights into how analytics helped Trump win the 2016 US election. Oczkowski, who is the head of product for British company Cambridge Analytica, will be one of

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Finding a decent data scientist for less than the price of a deposit on a Sydney harbour side home is almost impossible these days. But that could change quickly and dramatically due to automation, according to research analysts at Gartner. More than 40 per cent of data science tasks will

Governments across the globe are experimenting with the blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin, as a way to reduce costs and provide more accountability to the public. In Europe alone, the United Kingdom, Ukraine and Estonia are experimenting with blockchain to fight corruption and deliver public services. Australia, too, is looking

Urban planners will soon be able to get their hands on the troves of traffic data Uber has accumulated via its ride sharing platform. Uber is launching Movement, a website which offers access to anonymised data from more than 2 billion trips to help urban planners make informed decisions around

Australia’s top tier data scientists are still pulling in huge salaries despite a slight decline in pay levels among the elite ranks of the profession.  One in 10 data analytics professionals surveyed for the 2016 IAPA Skills and Salary survey commanded annual pay checks in advance of $220,000 a year.

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Gartner predicts 20 per cent of all local government organisations will generate revenue from value-added open data through data marketplaces by 2020. Read the new and free  Which-50 Magazine. Edition 1 :  leadership and digital transformation Sowing the seeds for this new revenue stream is the growing source of data

The drive to become a digital business has lead to the rise of a new leadership role — the chief data officer. At the end of 2015, Gartner estimated that 25 per cent of large global organisations had already hired a chief data officer (CDO). By 2019, Gartner expects that

Consumers around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the value of their personal data and are putting a price tag on it, between $18 to $120. That’s one of the findings of the Aimia Loyalty Lens released last week by Aimia, a data-driven marketing and loyalty analytics company. The

Crimson Hexagon will licence what it describes as the largest ever repository of public social data to enterprise to allow them to conduct real time sentiment analysis and other marketing activity. The company said the repository, when combined with its  platform will enable its users across an organization to scale

Oracle is backing two big data PhD research projects at the Western Sydney University’s School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics. The studies will look at new ways of using visual analytics to help better interpret data in the cancer treatment of children; and how the use of virtual and augmented reality