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Westpac-backed data start-up Data Republic is building a data marketplace for the NSW Government which will provide access to a broad range of datasets in a single, searchable location. Having won the government tender, the data marketplace will form part of the NSW government’s digital strategy unveiled by Victor Dominello NSW

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Replacing human decision-making with algorithms seems to make sense. People tend to rely on unreliable cognitive shortcuts, get fatigued or distracted, and can be swayed by subjective opinion and inter-personal alliances. On the other hand, algorithms are bearers of encoded logic which consistently execute pre-determined decision criteria. Therefore they are

Machine learning algorithms work blindly towards the mathematical objective set by their designers. It is vital that this task include the need to behave ethically. Such systems are exploding in popularity. Companies use them to decide what news you see and who you meet online dating. Governments are starting to

Too many companies feel they need to dive into predictive analytics without really understanding why they would do it. In this paper, Which-50 contributor and Talent Analytics CEO Greta Roberts outlines 5 ways to chose a high-value project Identify a business problem to solve.  Almost everyone working on modern predictive

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Gartner predicts that 80 per cent of data scientists will have deep learning in their toolkits by 2018. Further, the analysts forecast that by 2019 deep learning will be a critical driver for best-in-class performance for demand, fraud and failure predictions. Deep learning, a variation of machine learning (ML), represents

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Financial institutions are increasingly utilising smart technologies in their risk management functions but many are struggling to develop skills at a pace that matches technology advancements, according to Accenture study. Smart technologies like cloud, biometrics and big data analytics are becoming more common in financial institution risk management functions. However,

The number of junior lawyers, and the kinds of tasks they perform, will look vastly different as artifical intelligence makes its away into the data-rich legal industry. That’s a key finding a report released last week from international law firm Herbert Smith Freehills which argues AI is set to shake

Over the past 30 years, businesses have spent billions on talent assessments. Many of these are now being used to understand job candidates.  Increasingly, businesses are asking how (or if) a predictive talent acquisition strategy can include the use of pre-hire assessments?  As costs of failed new hires continue to

Most companies are capturing only a fraction of the potential value of big data and analytics according to a report from McKinsey and Company. Despite this the impact of data science on business is already clear. “Data and analytics are already shaking up multiple industries, and the effects will only

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Hyper Anna, a Sydney-based Australian start-up has secured a $16 million series A funding round, led by Sequoia China, to launch its virtual assistant in new international markets. The start-up has created an AI agent called Anna which plays the role of data scientist, giving customers business intelligence and on-demand