Google might be in trouble for collecting the personal data of its users, but many companies have a growing incentive to rid their hands of the data that users entrust them with. This is because of growing costs of holding onto it. A major cause is the rising number of

Data is the new oil — or maybe it’s an even more valuable asset — but companies are still working out how to cash in. The stories listed below show sectors such as entertainment, accounting, finance, marketing, law and even blood donation are placing increasing value on data analytics and the professionals

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WA-based Telethon Kids Institute is using big data and analytics to provide the empirical evidence to inform policy and planning changes. The not for profit, which aims to protect and improve the lives of children, analyses large government and administrative to provide insights to agencies to enable more efficient and

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As business has digitally transformed in recent years, data has increasingly come to the fore of the conversation. Yet the sensible application of data and analytics to improving marketing still tends to be more honoured in the breach than in the observance. The question that must be asked is, what

Organisations are increasingly turning to data-driven decision making, but there is still a gap in their ability to do so, according to industry specialists. “This makes it difficult for them to get value out of their data,” according to the author’s of the paper. The report is based on a

Netherlands-based data intelligence company SciSports is hoping to change world football through data, motion tracking and machine learning. Using data and machine learning, the company produces a “SciSkill Index” – an objective ranking of current ability, potential and influence of thousands of footballers across hundreds of different competitions around the

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Industry association Data Governance Australia (DGA) recently launched a new Code of Practice, aimed at self-regulating the practice of data governance across all Australian businesses, that outlines the use, collection and management of data. This new benchmark set by DGA puts the interests of consumers first and enables companies to

Less than 0.5 per cent of the data currently generated by organisations is actually being used. That’s according to Microsoft’s corporate vice president of industry, Toni Townes-Whitley. Those who can harness the untapped data through digital signals stand to be the winners in a digital economy, she said. “It’s Microsoft’s

You’ve probably heard the phrase “data is the new oil” being used to describe the competitive advantage behind the world’s most valuable companies. According to Gartner analyst Doug Laney comparing information to oil ignores the unique economic characteristics that makes it valuable in the first place. Sign up for Which-50’s

Businesses need to look for a diverse range of backgrounds, skills and experiences when hiring their analytics teams. “It’s striking that businesses sit down and embark on staffing up an analytics centre of excellence and they find all the same people,” says Mike Frost, Director of Cloud and Platform Technologies