Amazon Web Services this week made its cloud based machine learning service available in 13 new regions including Sydney.

On Tuesday Amazon’s cloud arm Amazon Web Services announced it had made its SageMaker Studio product available in several more major markets around the world, including its Sydney region.

It means AWS customers can have lower latency and more data controls and transparency in the machine learning models they build and operate in the public cloud. Previously Australian customers would need to connect to foreign data centres to use SageMaker Studio, a potential barrier to heavily regulated industries or ultra low latency applications.

Many organisations already use the popular AWS web-based, integrated development environment in vaious machine learning applications. ParKam, for example, uses the technology to process images in real time to identify vacant parking spaces, while Transport NSW uses SageMaker to determine how weather will forecast transport use and plan its workforce allocation.

 “With the launch of Amazon SageMaker Studio in the AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region, we are helping our customers to manage all the pieces needed to build, train, explain, inspect, monitor, debug, and run custom machine learning models all in one place,” said Simon Elisha director of technology and transformation, public sector, Australia and New Zealand at Amazon Web Services

AWS also launched SageMaker Studio across several of its other regional data centres. The thirteen new AWS regions are Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), Asia Pacific (Seoul), Europe (Stockholm), Europe (Paris), Europe (London), Middle East (Bahrain), South America (Sao Paulo), US West (Northern California), and Canada (Central). 

“AWS offers the broadest and deepest set of machine learning services available in the cloud, and we are looking forward to seeing how our local customers use Amazon SageMaker Studio to continue to innovate and improve their customer experiences,” Elisha said.

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