Amazon now has 10,000 Australian sellers on its local marketplace. At launch 12 months ago, the ecommerce store had around 560 sellers.

Yesterday marked one year since Amazon formally arrived Australia with its own first party retail offering as well as its marketplace of third party sellers.

Those sellers have helped the company expand its range – which it says is approaching 100 million products across 29 categories – and keep prices competitive.

Throughout the year, Amazon ticked off key milestones such as releasing a version of Alexa with an Aussie accent and launching fulfilment by Amazon and Amazon Prime.

“It’s incredible to think that just one year ago we launched our Australian store. It has been a brilliant journey and to the millions of customers who have welcomed us, thank you,” said Amazon’s Country Manager, Rocco Braeuniger.

“We have been humbled by your support and thrilled by the reception you have given us.”

To mark the occasion, this week the Seattle giant released a consumer trends report of the top selling items in its ecommerce store, which revealed for the first time the number Australian sellers reaching customers on is nearing 10,000.

The marketplace is much larger than those Aussie businesses. According to Marketplace Pulse, which has been keeping track on the local site since launch, Amazon is just about surpass 25,000 sellers in Australia, more than half of which are international.

Number of Marketplace Sellers
Source: Marketplace Pulse

According to Marketplace Pulse, since Amazon launched its fulfilment service, 30 per cent of sellers have most of their inventory stored locally with Amazon, enabling tens of millions of items to be shipped quickly to Prime members.

Juozas Kaziukėnas, founder of Marketplace Pulse says Amazon is doing all the groundwork required to establish itself in a new market.

“By April Amazon figured out most of the consumer complaints and have addressed those issues, causing the negative reviews to drop to in-line with other markets,” he said.

“Its Prime Day event, like other markets, was at the time the highest grossing day for the marketplace, and yet one of the days leading up to this Christmas is going to surpass it.”

“According to our metrics the marketplace has been continuously growing every quarter and it is about to have its best quarter yet.” traffic December 2018
Source: Marketplace Pulse
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