Chinese payment platform Alipay has launched a new Zero Contact initiative to support Australian hospitality businesses in adapting their operations during the COVID-19 pandemic to engage with more than 1.2 million Chinese Australians.

The Zero Contact initiative draws on Alipay’s experience supporting hospitality businesses in China during their earlier COVID-19 outbreak, and the contributions of numerous partners, including:

  • A new partnership with food delivery platform Hungry Panda to enable Alipay users to order meals and groceries from more than 1,800 participating merchants through the Hungry Panda app, and have them delivered in a risk-minimised process.
  • This includes temperature testing of staff involved with the preparation, packaging and delivery of the order in participating restaurants, and a zero-contact delivery process.
  • A new partnership with food software developer Menu Technology to enable Australian businesses to quickly and simply digitise and promote their digital menu through the Alipay app.
  • In addition to the partnerships above, Australian skincare brand DU’IT has committed to donating thousands of bottles of hand sanitiser to participating businesses and riders to support this Zero Contact initiative.

Alipay ANZ Director John O’Loghlen said the initiative would support Australia’s hospitality sector to better engage with the Chinese Australian community during the COVID-19 pandemic, and provide a greater degree of assurance to customers concerned about the safety of home delivery.

“Drawing on Alipay’s experience supporting restaurants during the earlier COVID-19 outbreak in China, we hope this campaign will encourage businesses to digitise their offering and utilise our channels to engage with our substantial Chinese Australian community,” O’Loghlen said.

“We also hope the stringent safety measures we are implementing, including zero contact delivery and temperature testing, will provide consumers with the confidence they need to continue supporting the industry.”

The Zero Contact campaign has already attracted significant demand from consumers, with an increase of more than 500 per cent in Alipay orders made through the Hungry Panda platform in April compared to March.

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