Marketers fret endlessly about content – moving it, mobilising it, measuring it, and managing it, but they seem to spend much less time discussing the content itself.

Too often, in fact, content is treated as an input cost or a means to an end, rather than what it is – the brand brought to life.

In preparation for Sitecore’s Content Conversations series which kicks off later this month, facilitated by Which-50’s Andrew Birmingham, we asked Sarah Mitchell, the founder of Typeset, to identify the most common mistake or misconception brands make with their approach to content.

According to Mitchell, “Hands down, the most common mistake is not aligning content initiatives to business goals. When brands invest in the content they expect some sort of ROI for the company.”

She told Which-50, “It doesn’t matter if you have the best creative; if your content doesn’t move the needle on a business goal, you’re not going to be viewed as a success.”

Mitchell actually began her career as a software developer and inadvertently fell in content marketing when she was selling software in 1996. “I’ve been writing ever since, first as a sole trader at Global Copywriting and now as co-founder of Typeset, an editorial services company.”

In her webinar on August 20, the first in the series, Mitchell will reveal the findings of “The State of Writing 2020” which is research based on a global survey into writing effectiveness.

“I wanted to get to the bottom of why some content does well and others not so well. I knew it was more than the quality of writing – the internet is littered with great writing no one ever reads.”

According to Mitchell, there’s so much more to writing effectiveness than getting words on a page. “State of Writing 2020 showed the importance of editorial rigour and why more content probably isn’t the answer for every content program.”

Content Conversations is a new webinar series from Sitecore that brings together content experts and creators to discuss a variety of topics from why quality content matters, how to produce content for multiple channels, and the science behind the ROI of content.”

The first episode featuring Sarah Mitchell will be on August 20 at 11 am.

Image source: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


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