Technavio’s latest report on the global machine learning courses market suggested the market is growing at a fast pace because of the growing awareness of machine learning among students and professionals.

The inclusion of analytics and robotics in many industries is prompting organizations to upscale the knowledge of their employees in the AI domain. The most popular AI courses available in the market are machine learning and deep learning.

Jhansi Mary, a lead analyst from Technavio, specializing in research on the K12 and higher education sector, said, “Vendors are adopting strategies such as differentiated course fees and course duration to increase learner base. Some of them are offering free trial courses as well, thereby leading to the promising growth of the machine learning courses market during the forecast period.”

According to Mary, online teaching is another factor that has bolstered the growth of the global machine learning courses market as it provides individuals with better learning flexibility.

The top three emerging trends driving the global machine learning courses market according to Technavio research analysts are:

  • Increase in blended learning
  • Increase in number of new entrants
  • Increasing popularity of adaptive training

Increase in blended learning

The emergence of blended learning models has strongly contributed to the demand for machine learning courses, as many vendors in the market are focused in providing classroom sessions on machine learning courses along with digital content support because of the demand for instructor-based learning sessions.

“In India, Jigsaw and Simplilearn are offering machine learning courses via blended learning, meanwhile global players such as edX and Udacity are offering online courses. NobleProg is offering remote and classroom training. Another benefit of such courses is that individuals receive certification from well-recognized universities such as Stanford University and Carnegie Mellon University,” said Mary.

Increase in number of new entrants

With the rise in the demand for machine learning, the global machine learning courses market has gained traction, thereby providing high growth opportunities to major players. But online and classroom learning has enabled various new regional vendors to penetrate the market. Another factor responsible for this is the rise in number of MOOCs.

The increase in the number of new entrants will intensify the growth of the market. Further, leading technology players that develop and implement AI solutions for various industries have begun to understand the machine learning skills gap present in the market.

Increasing popularity of adaptive training

Modern learning methodologies are increasingly becoming popular due to their ability to integrate technology with the education system. Adaptive learning or personalized learning is about modifying training programs according to the needs of individuals, thus reducing the time taken for learning by eliminating redundant topics.

When teachers learn different training techniques and ways to integrate technology, they can develop courses as per individual needs of students. Thus, training teachers on machine learning will significantly boost the learning outcomes and the content developed for students, especially for the higher education segment.

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