Energy retailer and generator AGL today announced a joint venture with the UK’s zero-carbon energy supplier OVO which they say will help to drive energy digitisation in Australia.  

The JV will give AGL access to OVO’s utility technology platform Kaluza, digitising the AGL offering. The companies claim that their shared expertise in low-carbon innovation will help customers to reduce costs and carbon. 

Brett Redman, Managing Director and CEO, AGL Energy Ltd

Brett Redman, Managing Director and CEO at AGL said, “This collaboration will help us ensure our customers have choice and flexibility when it comes to their essential services.“ 

The Kaluza AI-enabled cloud platform will provide AGL Australia with tools and insights to help reduce energy costs and improve operational efficiency. The platform is also key to decarbonisation with low energy technologies including charging electric vehicles and energy storage systems. 

Redman describes a “smart and affordable“ modern energy system as the future of energy in Australia. 

 “We are committed to playing a leading role in developing a pathway to a modern decarbonised energy system,“ he said. 

As solar installations and the uptake of electric vehicles continue to increase, and while the energy supply continues to decentralise, grid stability will be a priority in Australia. OVO claims that its platform will help to reduce grid challenges by using AI technology to shift device charging to times of lower demand. 

According to Stephen Fitzpatrick, CEO and Founder of OVO, “Companies must now focus on building trust with their customers, harnessing technology that makes zero carbon living simple and affordable for everyone. The Kaluza platform uses real-time data to create a uniquely personalised digital experience, making it easy for the customer to engage with energy and their own carbon footprint.“

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