Ad retargeting business AdRoll has rebranded as NextRoll, a marketing and data technology company.

At the beginning of last year the company refreshed its brands as a ‘growth platform’ after it laid off most of its Australian staff in late 2017.

The business, which will still offers its retargeting capabilities, is now adding new services to help brands get more out of their marketing tech.

NextRoll is comprised of three units: RollWorks, an account-based platform for B2B marketing and sales teams; AdRoll, a growth marketing platform for direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands; and NextRoll Platform Services, a marketing-technology-as-a-service offering for brands, agencies, marketplaces, publishers, and marketing platforms to enhance current marketing capabilities or enable new revenue streams.

The company says NextRoll Platform Services currently has 10 large customers that drive nearly $1 million in revenue per month, and has significant traction in the pipeline. A key contributor to the momentum is an existing joint venture with Rakuten in the Japanese market that leverages NextRoll Platform Services.

NextRoll is introducing external APIs to open its infrastructure, technology and data to a wide array of new companies.

“We’ve built an unrivaled marketing and data technology stack that enables marketers to better understand and engage with their audiences to make measurable decisions,” said Toby Gabriner, CEO of NextRoll.

“With our new NextRoll Platform Services, we can offer these benefits to more companies, and allow them to innovate on top of our offerings. As we launch NextRoll Platform Services, it’s clear we’ve grown beyond our old name. Today, NextRoll is a marketing and data technology company.”

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