After laying off the majority of its Australian staff late last year, AdRoll has relaunched its brand.

It’s new brand positioning is all about helping its customers grow. “AdRoll has declared a bold new company vision: to help ambitious companies grow revenue and challenge established brands,” the company said.

Specifically, this will be brought to life via a major brand refresh which will launch in EMEA, North America and APAC in February before rolling out to other markets.

“We’re thrilled to unveil the next generation of AdRoll, complete with the first of many exciting new capabilities that empower ambitious businesses with the platform to challenge established brands and confidently grow their business,” said Scott Gifis, the newly appointed AdRoll President.

“Digital has never been more vital to the success of any business strategy, but it has also never been more complicated. Since 2007, AdRoll has been committed to making effective digital marketing, however complex, simple for marketers and business owners so they can attract, convert, and engage more customers. The next generation of solutions reinforces our mission is to help ambitious businesses grow their business no matter their resources, budget, or marketing expertise.”

In December San Francisco-based AdRoll cut 5 per cent of its global workforce, which reduced the Australia team from 28 to seven. The Sydney operation now reports to Marius Smyth, Managing Director of International.

“Our new brand acknowledges what AdRoll has achieved to date while setting the tone for where we will go next. Today marks an evolution in our approach as we level the playing field for our customers in EMEA and APAC,” Smyth said.

“Up until now, the odds have not been stacked in favour of ambitious commerce brands in these regions. Established brands in the space often have endless resources, budgets, and teams to win the market. That is all about to change. Ambitious commerce companies know that finding new audiences and getting them to purchase requires accurate customer data and powerful technology. That is where the new AdRoll platform will make it easy for these growing brands to win customers everywhere online and to deliver real impact from their marketing strategies in EMEA, APAC and beyond.”

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