The enterprise marketing software suites (EMSS) market has begun to consolidate, according to a new report from Forrester which also evaluated the market’s top vendors. Adobe and Salesforce came out as the top overall vendors.

More than half of global marketers at B2C enterprises have already adopted EMSS with another 15 per cent planning to do so in the next 12 months, according to the report. It means the EMSS market has reached “critical mass” and has tipped towards consolidation, the authors said.

The report, Enterprise Marketing Software Suites Q1 2018, defines EMSS as “An integrated portfolio of marketing technology products that provide analytics, orchestration, and execution of insight-driven customer interactions to support inbound and outbound marketing.”

According to the report, Adobe and Salesforce stood out as “leaders” while IBM, Oracle, SAS and SAP Hybris were ranked “strong performers”. Marketo was considered a “contender” by the report.

Source: Forrester

Adobe on top

The clear leader of the consolidating market is Adobe and its EMSS offering – Adobe Experience Cloud, according to the report. Adobe scored top marks on its current offering (4.27/5) and strategy (4.70). The company shared equal top spot with IBM for market presence (4.0/5), although this category did not count towards overall evaluation. Adobe scored poorly in only one caters – marketing resource management (1.0/5).

According to the report, of the companies profiled, “Adobe maintains the highest degree of overall strategic focus on marketing and consumer engagement” and stands out for its AI features, digital intelligence and content management. However, Adobe’s narrow definition of costume experience means they lack native eCommerce, sales, and service offerings, according to the report.

“Adobe is a good fit for firms looking to consolidate media into the martech stack and those that require analytics power tools and web content management that are tightly bound to marketing orchestration and execution,” the authors said.

Vice president of Adobe Marketing Cloud, Suresh Vittal, said their performance was the result of a long term plan coming together and there is more to come.

“We were building today’s leading technology six years ago, and we are building the technology of six years from now today…We mean to be the de-facto platform at the heart of all enterprise customer experience,” Vital said in a company blog post.

Salesforce in Second

Significant investment in AI, partnershipps, acquisitions and data sharing propelled Salesforce to second place in the report’s rankings. Clients appreciate the efficient implementation of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud but were frustrated by “lags in availability and effectiveness cross cloud integration”.

“Salesforce has been aggressive in developing its platform on many fronts, and its future success depends on how well it can manage major platform expansions such as Salesforce DMP and Commerce Cloud as well as organic integrations and AI development,” the report said.

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