Adobe is adding new voice analytics capabilities to the Adobe Analytics Cloud that help brands deliver more personalised customer experiences and create brand loyalty through voice-based interfaces.

The AI-powered voice analytics feature will monitor how consumers interact with Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, and Samsung Bixby.

Through Adobe Analytics Cloud brands can capture and analyse voice data for all major platforms to learn about customer behaviour through the emerging voice channel.

The new capabilities address the complexity in measuring voice interactions, with the ability to capture both the user intent (“play me a song”) as well as specific parameters (“from The Beatles”). Additional data points including frequency of use and actions taken after a voice request is made are provided as well.

Through deep analysis of voice data complemented by artificial intelligence and machine capabilities in Adobe Sensei, brands can gain robust audience insights and recommendations, while automating the traditionally cumbersome, manual analysis, the company said.

Adobe Analytics data shows that online sales of voice-enabled devices grew 39 per cent year-over-year.

“One of the most important trends in modern technology is how quickly consumers adopt new ways of interacting with content, as we’ve seen with mobile and video,” said Bill Ingram, vice president of Adobe Analytics Cloud.

“We expect a similar trajectory with voice enabled devices. In the same way Adobe has shaped web, mobile and customer analytics, Adobe Analytics Cloud will enable brands of all sizes to extend voice data insights across the entire customer journey.”

The tools allow marketers to craft customer interactions that improve voice experiences. For example, a hotel chain can recognise a customer immediately, and target the traveler with ideas on ways to spend reward points through the loyalty program, such as at an upcoming live show or new reservation. They could even send a promotional phrase to the most loyal guests prior to a stay, unlocking a special offer when spoken to a voice-enabled device.

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