If Hollywood was ever to make an action movie with an amazing female CEO who could single handedly take on an army of ninjas then they would have to cast Anne Frisbie as the heroine.

She is a non-nonsense, intelligent, charismatic leader that looks equally as comfortable around the boardroom, kitchen or kicking arse in a karate dojo.

Almost a decade ago, Anne left a the safety of very large company (Yahoo) to work for a relatively small startup company (at the time) called InMobi. Her first job was to look after emerging markets like APAC and North Africa.

Her industry colleagues thought that she was totally bonkers. “Do you have any non-US, eyeballs you can sell me?” She asked her publisher sales reps. “Sure do!” they eagerly responded with dollar signs in their eyes. They thought she was nuts to leave the relatively safe confines of the Yahoo nest for this small fledgling company buying Asian and African eyeballs. 9 years later, she has spread her wings and been promoted to four times. As the Senior Vice President of Global Brands and Programmatic she now helps grow the company which has over 850 employees globally.

Anne is a talker, quick witted and a New Yorker, through and through. She has been recently working on the west coast which she claims to have softened some of her edges but you can see her eye’s light up as she talks about the hustle and bustle that the East Coast lifestyle offers.

When asked “What do you love working for InMobi?” she squares her shoulders and starts explaining how the technology works in the back end. Each sentence is another selling point about InMobi. Each full stop is a karate chop. I was both mesmerized and intimidated at the same time. She explained: “InMobi’s ability to create a unique cross device graph” – great argument, karate kick. “InMobi’s own SDK (version 6.0) which is deployed in a vast array of apps” – another great point, karate punch. Nothing could stop her.

Like most New Yorkers she was impressed by the great coffee and standard of cafe food here in Sydney. But, her heart yearned for that famous American service culture. At one stage I thought she was going to walk into the kitchen and reorganise their staff to better optimise their service.

Interviewing Anne Frisbie was a great honor. If I was ever to move to New York then I would want to be exactly like her. Thank you Anne for coming on the M.AD-TECH Podcast and we hope to see lots of great things from InMobi in the future.

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