ACS announced Cheryl Mack has been appointed as the new NSW State Manager. Mack joins ACS from her most recent role as the CEO of start-up conference StartCon.

Under her leadership, StartCon grew internationally in 15 cities across Asia Pacific, and supported the growth of over 600 startups each year.

Cheryl Mack, NSW State Manager, ACS
Cheryl Mack, NSW State Manager, ACS

ACS CEO Andrew Johnson said the company recognises that startups are a huge source of innovation in Australia and that supporting them is key to enabling the industry and enhancing domestic clusters of advantage.

“Cheryl has extensive experience in the technology sector and a deep understanding of how to foster early-stage innovation. She has been recognised by many in the startup community for her contributions to the growth of the startup ecosystem in Australia,” Johnson said.

“Having moved from North America to Australia 4.5 years ago after working for startups in Canada, USA, and Italy, Cheryl will also bring a unique perspective on areas like attracting global talent in her role at ACS.”

“ACS’ vision for Australia to be a world leader in technology talent that fosters innovation and creates new forms of value is something that deeply resonates with me and I believe that I am in a position to help them move the needle,” said Mack.

She said that ACS has recently made some incredibly exciting moves to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and the technology sector, with the new Innovation Hub in Barangaroo and the acquisition of RCL.

“I’m looking forward to contributing to the next steps in their journey on the way to make Australia a world leader in technology talent.”

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