Accenture has built a new technology platform and used it to train more than 180,000 of its employees globally in the latest digital technologies in just over 20 months.

It now plans to use the interactive platform with clients to help develop their IT workforces in critical areas such as digital, cloud, security and artificial intelligence.

The Accenture Future Talent Platform integrates learning services and curriculum on as-a-service and mobile platforms to help workforces move away from traditional training and foster a culture of continuous learning.

Accenture said it took inspiration from social collaboration trends to develop modern platforms and approaches that help clients reimagine the learning experience and their overall workforce transformation strategy—from operating models to culture to upskilling.

“The Accenture Future Talent Platform is like Pinterest for learning,” said Sanjeev Vohra, group technology officer of Accenture Technology.

“Subject matter experts can create or curate learning boards using the vast amount of excellent content that already exists in the open market for a better, faster learning experience, and users can interact with each other by following, commenting and contributing to their favourite boards.”

Accenture used its Future Talent Platform to upskill a team working with a retail client that needed critical technical skills in areas such as Adobe Experience Manager, SAP Hybris and artificial intelligence know-how to deliver projects and platforms that would improve sales and customer service.

Accenture is also leveraging its experience to help a European bank launch its own school of automation. The program will identify new roles and skills and build a training plan for a pilot, followed by a 40,000-person rollout. Accenture will also develop a curated, interactive curriculum for bank employees.

“With technology accelerating at a breathtaking pace, companies need to upskill their people at greater speed and scale to avoid being disrupted by competitors,” said Bhaskar Ghosh, group chief executive of Accenture Technology Services.

“Accomplishing this requires creating a culture of continuous learning that empowers people to build new skills. The Accenture Future Talent Platform helps companies do exactly that through a unique, interactive experience and rich curriculum.”

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