Five more Australian brands have signed up to Chinese ecommerce platform Aomaijia, offering them access to 30 million potential customers in China.

Last week Sukin, Kids Smart, Nestle Australia, and Tasman Ugg joined a number of other Australian brands such as Swisse, Blackmores, Devondale, Bellamy’s and a2 Milk which are already available across the ecommerce platform.

Aomaijia (pronounced OWE-MY-GEE-ARE) is an online marketplace which allows Australian brands to sell their products to mainland Chinese consumers through a mix of online, mobile app and social media (WeChat) mini-app. The business also runs physical stores in major capital cities alongside its digital marketplace, which allow buyers to sample new products before going online.

Aomaijia App

The company launched in 2015 and today the total number of shoppers across its platform exceeds 30 million.

There are more than 3,000 international brands currently trading on the platform and Aomaijia only deals directly with manufacturers and officially appointed distributors.

Aomaijia only sells international brands, positioning itself as the premiere online destination for Chinese consumers looking for high quality brands – which they can trust are not fake.

Meggie Liu, Group CEO, said Aomaijia wants to rapidly expand the number of Australian brands available on the platform and act as a partner for them entering China.

“Even though most of our sales go through digital channels, we are not only an online mall,” Liu said. “We partner with our suppliers and don’t simply give them space on a website but actively engage in the branding and promotion of their products.”

At the launch event in Sydney last week, Nestle Oceania’s Head of Cross Border Development, Matthieu-Nicolas Quentin said, the physical stores are a great competitive advantage, “Aomaijia does not just offer product displays, Chinese consumers are highly demanding, they want to know everything about our products and that’s the role this platform plays.

“Although Nestle is not a new brand we are relatively new to cross border selling, so we are looking for partners who can educate consumers about our brands which they may not be familiar with.”

Aomaijia’s strategy is to rollout another 1,000 stores in the next three years, to capitalise on the continued growth of the Chinese ecommerce market.

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