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IBM tells a nice story about Watson and oncology in India. The country has a paucity of oncologists — roughly 2000 in fact — to cover a population of 1.3 billion. Get cancer in India and your chances of receiving specialist care are, in relative terms, almost non-existent. Enter Big

IBM and Salesforce have announced a strategic partnership to deliver joint solutions leveraging each company’s artificial intelligence products: Watson and Einstein. Take our Which-50 reader survey and go into the draw for a chance to win a pair of Sony H.ear Bluetooth headphones or 1 of 5 Google Daydream VR

Machine learning and cognitive computing have emerged as two of the hottest topics in digital marketing during this year, and look set to dominate much of the discussion in 2017. Yet many marketers are only just coming to an appreciation of technologies that have been under development for more than

They are the APAC and Australian leaders of some of the largest, or fastest rising marketing tech, adtech and ecommerce companies. And they are passionate about helping their clients understand their own consumers using data analytics. Nothing creepy about that. So we figured it was time to turn the lens around.

The South Australian government has today launched a six month trial of a self-driving electric bus, dubbed Olli, which will travel between two new transit hubs in Adelaide’s beachside suburb Glenelg. Olli was built by Local Motors, which has also created the first 3D printed car and has partnered with

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Travel commerce platform Travelport and IBM are developing two new initiatives that separately apply IBM’s blockchain and Watson Analytic technologies. Travelport will employ IBM Watson’s data platform to personalise customer experiences with new tools and traveler recommendations. This initiative involves the companies working together to generate enhanced travel experiences by

The application of AI and deep learning can improve the results of IVF treatment by up to 50 per cent, according to Life Whisper, an Adelaide-based startup which provides an image diagnostics platform to assist doctors identify viable embryos. “It’s a huge accuracy uplift in picking the best embryos,” says

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The economics of artificial intelligence are moving aggressively in the direction of consumers of the technology, as enabling technologies become more affordable due to cloud computing. That’s one of the key messages senior executives attending SAP’s recent Real World Transformation event in Melbourne received from Nigel Watson, JAPAC Regional Leader

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When it comes to implementing new technology often a good starting point is to look at whether it can be used to address a pain point in the business that hasn’t been solved before. That’s the view of Vectore founder Shamima Sultana, an AI specialist with a deep practice knowledge

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While often overhyped and sometimes misapplied, artificial intelligence is already driving genuine business outcomes, according to its advocates. Which-50 spoke with executives working with AI in an attempt to cut through the hype and understand how the technology is being used today. Nigel Watson, Google Cloud head of cloud technology