With incumbent companies battling shrinking share prices and irrelevance in the face of rapidly rising consumer expectations, leadership in the age of digital disruption is more important than ever.

This year the research showed digital transformation (and cybersecurity) moved up the list of priorities for the C-suite. However, challenges around execution remain.

Meanwhile, the likes of Uber reminded us that poor governance and cultural problems will eventually cost you money — and maybe even your job.

What to watch in 2018? How business leaders handle automation, AI and anti-trust inquiries.

Which-50’s most popular leadership stories: 

1. Two years on, who’s leading digital? Probably not your board
Large companies are still struggling to successfully implement their transformations and their boards still have a long way to go to really master the digital challenge, writes Which-50 editor-in-chief Andrew Birmingham.

2. People and culture are key to acing your digital transformation
It doesn’t matter how fantastic or disruptive your product is, you can’t succeed in digital without strong leadership and culture. Just look at Uber.

3. Culture, Customers and Data Drive Digital Transformation
“You can’t buy a different organisation.” A successful digital transformation project doesn’t depend on how much you spend on technology.

4. LinkedIn reveals the Top Companies where Australians want to work in 2017
Everyone loves lists!

5. Rometty & Benioff: Our workforce needs skills for the AI era
“Technology is never good or bad, it’s what you do with it that makes a difference,” says Salesforce chief Marc Benioff.

6. How internet leaders responded to Trump’s immigration ban
Immigration is a core ingredient to Silicon Valley’s success and its leaders were not happy with Donald Trump’s January ban on travel from seven countries with predominantly Muslim populations.

7. Corporate Culture holding back digital transformation: Capgemini
Existing corporate culture is one of the biggest hurdles for companies adapting to the digital era. And it’s getting worse, according to a study from Capgemini.

8. Gartner predicts rapid rise of the chief data officer
At the end of 2015, Gartner estimated that 25 per cent of large global organisations had already hired a Chief Data Officer (CDO). By 2019, Gartner expects that number to reach 90 per cent.

9. Adaptability Is The Key To Longevity, Says Westpac CEO
“We’re a 200-year-old start-up,” says Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer.

10. CDO Study: More Companies Appointing Digital Leaders
Nineteen per cent of the world’s top 2,500 companies now have a designated executive to lead their digital agenda, according to a study from Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consulting business.

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