Which-50 has dedicated plenty of pixels to writing about the importance of a customer-first strategy. So, over the last month, we’ve been asking our customers — the readers of Which-50 — to tell us what matters to them. The results are in.

Since our 2016 reader survey, page views on Which-50 have surged. As we grow, it’s important we continue to serve the needs of our readers.

With coverage of the whole digital ecosystem, Which-50 aims to provide insight and analysis that will elevate our readers’ professional knowledge and keep them abreast of the latest news and trends in the digital economy.

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According to Which-50 co-founder and Editor-in-Chief Andrew Birmingham, “Our readers are very clear about what they want and what they don’t want. Empty opinions don’t matter. Australia’s digital leaders are interested in the insight of their leadership peers here and around the world — when it is supported by evidence.

“And they are very interested in the whole digital story, not just the sub-segments. CEOs, digital directors, and CMOs are very clear they want to understand changes in the whole ecosystem. Their interest does not stop at the boundary of their personal responsibilities or their company’s business.”

Number 1 for Digital Transformation

Birmingham also said Which-50’s decision to invest heavily in editorial content over the last twelve months has clearly paid off in both audience and commercial growth. “Despite a big increase in readership, the profile of our readers has remained anchored firmly in the C-Suite and on the board.”

He also thanked the companies that have supported Which-50’s disruptive business model, which is based on service levels and advice rather than advertising and subscriptions. “We have always believed that content will drive more sales in B2B markets than traditional display and search advertising.

“In both our advice and agency businesses, we have been lucky to work with great brands — companies like the Commonwealth Bank, the BBC, Fairfax, Red Planet, AtlasTrend, Aprimo, Oracle, Tealium, AdRoll, and ADMA, for example. And our Which-50 Network employs some of Australia’s best journalistic talent for both editorial and commercial content work,” he said.

“At a time when other companies are cutting the heart out of creativity, Which-50 has increased the rates it pays to its star performers. In more than 93 per cent of cases we have paid our contributors within 30 days of submission and usually with 14. Other companies make their contributors wait up to 75 days — and in some case 120 days — to get paid. Frankly, that’s a disgrace — but also commercially stupid. We are in the content game and we live and die on the quality of our contributors.”

Broader perspectives

Reading through the survey responses, it is apparent that readers value having an Australian perspective on the broader digital landscape across a range of vertical industries.

When asked “why do you read Which-50”, unique viewpoints and expert opinion were two of the most common responses. Or, as one reader put it, “Which-50 has real expertise and independent thinking on subjects that are often are coated in sugar.”

Which-50 Reader Survey 2017

We also asked readers what they want to read more of on Which-50.com. In short, they want more stories of digital transformation in Australian business and more Australian executive interviews.

Readers also wanted a bigger regional focus on Asia Pacific, as well as a deeper dive into marketing and advertising technologies.

Australia’s digital leaders also want to know more about emerging technologies and how they work — like AI, Blockchain and IoT, which featured among the most popular stories on Which-50 over the last 12 months.

You can check out more results of the reader survey here. And if you missed the chance to provide feedback through the official survey please feel free to email me with suggestions or via [email protected]

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