Which-50 Magazine edition 2 is out. This month we deep dive into the Connected Car market

In the second edition of Which-50 Magazine we reveal how digital disruption in the automotive sector is recasting that industry’s value chain. As James Hines, research director at Gartner, puts it: “The connected vehicle is the foundation for fundamental opportunities and disruptions in the automotive industry and many other vertical industries.”

We also examine the ethical dilemma of how a smart car decides who to save and who to sacrifice in an accident when it isn’t possible to save everyone? In fact, that is the key question posed by a discussion paper exploring the thorny issue of ethics and autonomous vehicles. The report — authored by Michael Haines, CEO of Vanzi — advocates for a set of uniform rules based on human values that can be put into law and followed by all SDCs as any accident unfolds.

In a separate column, Haines also explains why “levels of driverless autonomy” are dangerous and he argues that for the sake of clarity, it would be better to recognise only two separate use cases: “driver-assist” and “driverless”.

We outline the forecasts from experts like McKinsey & Company and Gartner and find that while those forecasts are bullish, consumer expectations are running miles ahead of reality. That said, over the long term, connected cars and autonomous driving are clearly set to have a huge impact not just on the auto sector but on the way of life of billions of people all over the world.

Finally, we get the skinny from senior executives in the car and trucking industry about how they are thinking about the issue today  and what they are planning for tomorrow.

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Our next issue, due for release at the end of February focuses on customer experience.

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