The rise of digital marketing has lead to a rapid explosion of new channels and less noted, but just as important, an increase in the types of assets that marketers have to incorporate into their campaigns.

As the number of asset types grows, so do the challenges of managing those assets.

In such a climate of channel and asset proliferation, strong process-driven systematised marketing operations are more important than ever.

Our decision to purchase the ADAM digital asset management (DAM) solution and incorporate it into our own platform is a reflection of this new reality.

ADAM Software, founded in 1985, is a world leader in the DAM market. The acquisition by Aprimo was a logical move, as it allows us to provide a capability that previously clients would have had to buy or build themselves.

Inclusive of the acquisition is ADAM’s subsidiary company, Van Gennep, home to the PublishingNow! product, which will serve as a key creative production and fulfilment solution for the Aprimo portfolio, helping customers publish content to multiple channels and partners.

As we noted at the time of the acquisition in a statement to the market: “The new battleground for marketers is the customer experience. Marketers face the ever-evolving challenge of meeting and exceeding customer expectations across a sea of online and offline touchpoints. The marketing organisation is at the intersection, tasked with providing engaging experiences on time in the customer’s preferred channel. To win the customer from the competition, not only do marketers need speed and agility, they must create and deliver unprecedented experiences.”


For Aprimo, there is a lot about ADAM that is familiar. Perhaps the most important thing is the robust business discipline to the way ADAM works. In fact, Aprimo and ADAM have had global successes through a strategic partnership. Aprimo and ADAM both understand the problems brands can get themselves into if they do not manage their digital assets well.

Our acquisition of ADAM will further expand our marketing asset management solutions and enable us to offer a complete enterprise-class content solution. The combination creates a robust platform that addresses the growing content needs of marketers worldwide with the strategic planning, intelligent workflow and insights offered through Aprimo. As a leader in marketing operations, we are fully committed to bringing the best in-class marketing hub to CMOs and empowering their teams and partners to have one place to go for the necessary visibility and agility.

A new Aprimo

ADAM, like Aprimo, already has strong relationships with other marketing platform providers like Sitecore and Adobe, and that will continue.

Think of Aprimo as the foundation for the end-to-end marketing process. We help marketers ensure that the right approvals are in place, that the right versions are being used, and that all the campaign assets have been validated by the business before being published via a multitude of channels.

This combination of Aprimo and ADAM significantly expands our global footprint and our relationship with our customer and partners. We could not be more excited with this acquisition. We are already seeing strong demand for DAM in the ANZ region and look forward to assisting lead brands with their increasing drive to digital marketing.

About the Author

Steve Beards is the general manager, ANZ for Aprimo which is a Corporate Member of the Which-50 Digital Intelligence Unit. Our members provide their insights and expertise for the benefit of the Which-50 community. Membership fees apply.


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