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When it comes to implementing enterprise-wide digital transformation programs Australian businesses are overstating their achievements, according to a new study from research firm Tech Research Asia. The report, Taking Digital to the Next Level, found Australian businesses are talking to the talk, acknowledging the critical importance of digital, but may

Boards and digital

Boards of Australia’s biggest companies have often put a premium on stability over speed, believing this to be the prudent strategy. They might be kidding themselves, according to a leading Australian technology executive. This failure of boards to appreciate the changed conditions of the market wrought by digital disruption —

Account based marketing

Customers these days are typically much further along the decision-making cycle before they engage with providers than they were in the past. This is especially true in the B2B segment. And, while the research companies might argue at the margins about precisely how far they are along the cycle, all

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digital transactions

Global digital payment volumes continue to increase, with annual growth projected to top 10 per cent for the first time to reach 426.3 billion transactions in 2015, up from the record-setting 8.9 per cent growth in 2014 (387.3 billion transactions). This is according to the World Payments Report 2016 (WPR)

The North Face

Yesterday Which-50 had some fun playing with IMB’s artificial intelligence engine Watson, in particular the personality insights tool. That exercise was inspired by a presentation delivered by Kevin Bishop, VP of customer engagement solutions, at the IBM Customer Engagement Forum in Sydney last week. Bishop outlined what role cognitive technologies