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AGL Energy, which was founded almost 180 years ago and is today one of Australia’s biggest utilities with over three million customers, has put digital transformation at the heart of its 2017 corporate strategy. In his presentation to investors at the annual general meeting this week, CEO Andrew Vesey highlighted

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Hype, by definition should make us all a little wary. Gartner Hype Cycles are designed to help sift, sort and qualify hype and manage our attraction to all those bright shiny marketing objects. The ultimate aim is to support decisions on where your valuable attention and marketing resources should be


Marketers who combine programmatic media targeting with dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) generally get the best performance, however there’s a problem. Confusion abounds in the digital advertising ecosystem about who controls what when both strategies are combined. “This is the result of the many components that make up programmatic advertising campaigns,”

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The customer is not always right, but they must be heard says business strategist Jay Baer. To do this, companies need to flip their view of complaints as a problem and instead see them as a gift. “People who complain are actually taking their time to tell us what we


Successful digital transformation requires a clear roadmap and the belief of stakeholders, including those most resistant to change, says Ben Allen, CMO of property group Stockland. Allen features in the ADMA Brightest Minds video series where he explains how, during Stockland’s transformation, it was necessary to, “demonstrate to people how



Turn Your Transformation Critics Into Ambassadors, Urges Stockland CMO
Bridget Gray Harvey Nash
The C-suite is taking hold of digital down under: study
two speed
It’s the end of two-speed IT says Boston Consulting Group

Digital Marketing

Jay Baer tells brands, “Hug your haters”
Great Content Needs A Great Experience, Says Uberflip Chief
Cambell Holt Mercer
Mercer braces for disruption, new competition in superannuation


westpac data bank
Westpac launches Westpac Databank
Generative Neural Networks Explained
Harvey Enriley
Segment Insights: What we eat and where we go


Lee Hawksley Salesforce
Customer-centred business is about much more than marketing: Salesforce
wechat, tencent, china social media
How China’s Tencent measures up against Facebook
Next Commerce acquired by UK Media Firm

Industrial Internet

cba robot
CommBank, Stockland invest in social robotics research
Wearables to revolutionise biometrics but privacy a concern
otto truck
Atoms and bits are colliding, says Uber CEO